8 Reasons to have Portable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

8 Jun by tekblink

8 Reasons to have Portable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

As most of us know too painfully well, dangerous germs reside nearly anywhere. All these freeloading troublemakers hang out in virtually every public place conceivable and reside together with all the devious mission of spreading their infectious dangerous germs to any life supply they come in touch with. Happily we have developed cutting-edge defenses against […]
9 Nov by tekblink

5 Ways to Make a Guest Friendly Home

There comes a point in your life where your house is no longer just your own personal space. There will be times where you’ll have to host some guests over, whether they’re staying for a meal or for a night. It’s easy to think that your guests can easily feel at home inside your house, […]
4 Oct by tekblink

Grout- When You’ll Need It and How to Apply It

Tile flooring is a staple of the American home. It comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles and patterns, so no matter your taste there is a tile to suit your design preferences. Along with the versatile design options, tile flooring will last longer than other floor options. It is both durable and reliable […]
26 Jul by tekblink

Enhance The Beauty Of Your House With These 10 Perfect Tips

Your home is not a place where you live, but it also displays your lifestyle. Your house represents you and its interior speaks a lot about you. Some of us like to keep it simple, while others have more luxurious taste in home decor.But everyone wishes to have a beautiful house and want to know […]
11 Oct by tekblink

Best ways to use quartz wall tiles to décor your home

Home renovation can be pretty tricky if you do not know about the large variety of materials and type of tiles available, not only this but also every material is available in different textures and patterns and color shades. One can even use a single material or type of tile in different ways to décor […]
11 Oct by tekblink

Benefits of using stone effect tiles for home décor

Styling our house is very important and now with the versatile options you can give any possible look to your house, stone effect tiles can give a natural and earthen effect to your house. They even give a vintage look to your house; this is one of the most trendy décor ways currently. Using Stone […]
11 Oct by tekblink

Are split face tiles the best choice?

While decorating and renovating our house we all go through a lot of confusions and difficult times during selections, selecting perfect tiles is not always possible if we are unaware of the large variety available to us. There are many types of tiles like split face mosaic tiles which could be best for your house’s […]
11 Oct by tekblink

Are porcelain tiles a good option for my home?

Well now though we all hire a professional for decorating our house, we should also make sure that we are well aware of every type of tiles advantages and disadvantages. There are so many material and types of tiles available in the market, these tiles are available at different rates and qualities such that it […]
9 Oct by tekblink

5 things that make your kitchen tiles look better then painted walls

To avoid the additional cost and the efforts in choosing apt tiles, we make a hasty decision of having painted walls. But one must understand that they though are an easy option but do not look good and quite attractive.  Painted walls are very dull in comparison to the kitchen wall tiles and kitchen floor […]